New Star from Golden Millennium * Angel
2 JCAC - 2 CAC - 3 RCAC - 2 RCACIB

Sequins Sandeman
Ch. Dewmist Rainbow Quest
SU(U)CH NUCH Jazzman's Da Capo
Su(u)ch Dewmist Silky Rainbow
Non-Stop Jam Session
Gatchells Man of Honour, BelgCh, Int.Ch
Non-Stop Dió, HunCh, Eu.Ch.
Deci Della from Golden Millennium CH. Sequins Shamrock Inassicas Song of Songs

Woodland Paradise Spring Classic JWW '00

First Gold from Golden Millennium CH. Xanthous Sire Sincleare
Xanthous Say You love Me

Hips B
Elbows free
Eyes free from Cataract and Distichiasis